Video Conferencing, Simulations, Immersive Exhibitions, VR Arcades, PC Gaming

Colocation in media such as video, VR or AR produces more lifelike and immersive experiences in media environments. Currently Pixelphonics is developing new prototypes for large exhibition displays, simulation-based training, video conferencing and control rooms to create more effective telepresence tools for users and more engaging experiences for audiences.

The Invention

Most audiovisual systems spatially dislocate sound and image information sources, by placing visual information within the screen, and audio information external to the screen through headphones or speaker arrays. Audiovisual colocation enhances the object-event perceptual correlations in mediated content, and is a new affordance for media production and reception.

Open Source Software

Emplace AV.
Audiovisual colocation media player.

This open source software supports media playback of up to 32 WAV audio files synchronized with one video file.

Emplace Unity.
Unity plug-in for audiovisual colocation of gaming content. Under development.

Technical Drawings

Interview at Future Technologies Conference 2018


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